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With an outstanding background as a full-time coach for over 30 years and teaching experience, nationally and internationally, Robbie Clouse brings both his passion, knowledge of the science of tennis, and extensive expertise to the court, helping you BELIEVE & ACHIEVE!

Robbie's innovative approach to teaching tennis combines years of insights with a deep understanding of the psychology of the game.  He teaches the actual science of tennis - how to build the point, how to play by the score, how to read the opponent's weakness, how to predict, etc.  That is what will help his students attain goals and rankings.

-  Has taken over 100 youth players from beginner (level 7) to Top National Players, has personally coached several National Champions, and served as a tournament coach for major tournaments

-  Currently serving as a lead high school tennis coach in a top private school in Florida

-  Teaches all levels, individuals, and groups;  Serves as a coaching consultant;  Scouts for college and high school tennis talent

-  Can accommodate your location and likely your schedule

What some current tennis students say:  

"I have had lots of coaches, but none that could truly see my potential and make me believe in success.  Thanks to coach - I was able to jump from 2.0 UTR to 6.0 UTR in just one year!"


- Youth, Competitive Player

"Coach teaches very differently that gives you a dramatic change in your game.  He taught me how to play by the score, take advantage of the weakness of the opponent and maximize my win points percentage"


- Adult Player

"Coach Robbie truly teaches the science of tennis - how to break a serve, how to build a point, how to have the right body language to get your opponent doubt themselves and you get an immediate advantage."


- Youth, High School Team Player

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